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21 hours ago
Now, all can be revealed

Remember this? Well it’s official today: I’ve been promoted to VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications.

It’s very exciting. A bit terrifying, too. But mostly exciting.

1 day ago
This year in a 2br / 1ba …

Next year in a 3br / 2ba!!

2 days ago
By the way, I got to sleep late this morning


Note well, those of you without kids. Slept late. Until almost (but not quite!) 8:30!

This is a time that, once upon a time, would have felt like the crack of dawn on a Sunday. Now it’s a lie-in.

Sunday Night Blues

It’s going to be a long week. Lots going on, including two Seders. (Fun, but dinner parties on a school night can be tough.) I’m likely to get my ass kicked in a meeting on Tuesday. My office is moving so I have to pack up all my stuff. And I have to get ready for a trip to CO next week.

Anybody got some cheese to go with my whine?

3 days ago
I have more than 75 passwords

And those are just the ones I know about. (That is, doesn’t count the who-knows-what-site I signed up with years ago or the retailer I bought from that one time.)

How many of them am I meant to change?


4 days ago

That’s all.

5 days ago
6 days ago
Things that drive me crazy

Does anyone else find the idea of comparing the Clinton “dynasty” to the Bush dynasty utterly ridiculous? Seriously? I don’t have time to rundown all the relevant comparisons, but the Bushes are seriously powerful family going back several generations with two Presidents and who-knows-how-many Senators and governors.

Bill Clinton was raised by a single mom and married well. He became Governer and then President and now his wife, who by rights should have been president first, might (might, might, MIGHT) have a shot at it.

I don’t deny that the Clintons have immense power. But these two families are not at all equivalent. And to think they are is intellectually lazy and silly.

Corporate life can sometimes be corporate

The amount of time I spend setting up meetings, booking conference rooms, rebooking conference rooms, doing time zone math and rebooking the same damn meeting AGAIN is kind of staggering.

1 week ago

Tracy, look! Our crazy old-lady homes!!

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